Into The Bright Lights

by Chris Trapper

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    Chris Trapper [July, 2010]
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Family Tree 03:10
1. Family Tree ---------------- A broken window peek into my memory until I see my family I feel so wasted, like my dreams are cast to sea Until I find my family tree And I say, hey won't you fly a little closer next to me? We can sail up here forever, where our spirits can be free It moves a little slow on the road, and it's smoggy down there too So just soar up here beside me, I guarantee you'll like the view I swear I left my best self in all the places that I've been Until you say you knew me when I was just a little something who said "I'm flying out of town" I was kicking dust up on the ground
2. The Game is done ------------------------ My grandfather was a fighter, I'd always hear my mother say And all my toughness I learned from him, but I'd rather walk away To be the king of the sick street is never what I thought I'd be But it is what it is and this crown is stuck on me, stuck on me All the ghosts walk around here with black circles 'neath their eyes When the sun comes up if you look quick you'll see them run to hide Beneath the broken cathedrals or another shattered house On the street in the town buried deep beneath the clouds The city can't take anymore The savior versus satan...even score The game is over Nobody won The game is done So if you come in the daytime it's a street that hides it's scars All the money passed, cold cash, hand to hand, underarm to underarm Something's stopping the traffic and the sky is turning red As the cops look away, cause the mayor just turns his head
3. Into the bright lights --------------------------- Up and away we set off Secretly scared we'd get lost Up in the clouds, over the town Beyond the wall Some of us knew we might fall Under the weight of it all And though we'd been warned of the oncoming storms Still we stood tall Soar from the moonlight Straight to the sunrise This will be our time To free-fall and nosedive Out of the black night Into the bright lights With the whole world in our sight Like a miniature paradise My shadow is cast on the ground But I'm flying too fast to look down At the rooftops and trees, and my family Waving at me
4. Heartaches on parade --------------------------------- You might think you saw a shining rocket in the sky It was my pride, was my pride But it wasn't in me to save the city, and yes, I guess I lied But at least I tried, least I tried I am caught within your kryptonite I lost my senses, lost my might So I might take a lonesome holiday I sold my shirt and pawned my cape And headed back to outer space And realized I never should have stayed Heartaches on parade So a circle gathered on the sidewalk as word spread through the town A man is down, on the ground But I couldn't take it on the pavement, as fodder for the crowd So I snuck out, I snuck out
5. From the balcony ----------------------- Where does the music come from? It could be right in front of you With so many seats to choose from You sit where you always do 'til you won't someday No more crying from the balcony Go find your front row seat Don't be a stranger to the symphony Feel your real heartbeat Where does peace of mind come from? It could be right in front of you With so many paths to choose from You walk the way you always do 'til you won't someday No more crying from the balcony Onto an empty street Throw over everything you used to be 'til you feel your feet
Already Gone 02:29
6. Already Gone ---------------------- Hey, she is already gone So far gone Summer stock apology written in my basement Knew for sure I'd find you there But much to my amazement Checked the closet, checked the drawers Everything was empty She couldn't wait one minute more With nothing left to give me So I keep talking recklessly She pretends she's listening 'til she suggests I take a trip Bottomless pit fishing
7. Black Sky Blue ------------------------ If I was a king would you wait for me To step off my arrogant chair 'cause what I have learned is everything burns And suddenly nobody's there It's a case that leaves no clues It's dangerous how I dream of you Since you turned my black sky blue Black sky blue If I wore the hat of a hard working man With old worn out leather for skin Oh, could you trace the lines on my face And still find some beauty within It don't matter where you go It just matters where you stay I would never claim to know All the secret cards you hold If I washed up on your private beach Would you bring me blankets for clothes Or would you be embarrassed to see The somebody nobody knows?


Into The Bright Lights [EP]

The conversation went something like this...

Jason (producer Jason Meeker) :So Chris, have you been writing new songs?

Chris: Yeah, I have a handful

Jason: Why don't we record a few together?

Chris: Because Jason, you're an electronica producer.

Jason: So what!

And since "so what?" has been the goal post that I've been kicking my musical career through over the years, it had a ring to me to try something different, so producer Jason Meeker and I embarked on this, the "Into the bright lights" EP; 7 songs that in which an acoustic singer-songwriter meets electronica / cinematic / '80's inspired production.

Now before anyone thinks I'm going the direction of Wham!, this particular producer has known my music for many years, so we worked within certain parameters, but I think the recording is it's most interesting when it peaks outside the usual singer / songwriter framework.

Chris Trapper
July, 2010


released July 10, 2010

All songs written by Chris Trapper
Always Gone Music (SESAC)

Produced by Jason Meeker

Mastered by Brad Young

Additional Musicians:
Jason Meeker, Scot Fitzsimmons, Kristen Cifelli


all rights reserved



Chris Trapper Boston, Massachusetts

CHRIS TRAPPER began his career as the front man for late–90’s alternative rock band THE PUSH STARS (Capitol Records). The New York Times calls Chris' songwriting “classic pop perfection”

As a modern day singer–songwriter, Chris is most known for his song THIS TIME, the #1 selling song on the Grammy nominated soundtrack for AUGUST RUSH (Robin Williams, Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Warner Bros Pictures)
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